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debian-installer is not a valid section [in the policy]


I'm not a dd, so I can't do this as a formal policy change proposal, but
I've noticed that a bunch of packages use the section 'debian-installer',
which in not listed in the policy as a valid section (in part 2.1.7). 

The list of these packages is:
ddetect, dhcp, udpkg, cdebconf, wget-retriever, pump, detect, netkit-tiny,
modutils, choose-mirror, anna, file-retriever, nano,
debian-installer-utils, rootskel, netcfg, kernel-image-2.4.5-i386,
main-menu, ash, ppp, busybox

Given the quantity of packages, and who they are, I assume it's a bug in
the policy, not in them.

So, please someone, do what is needed to correct the policy.

Bye, Mt.

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