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Re: Bug#99185: Problem installing Potato on an Amiga 1200

> Christian T. Steigies:
>> Maybe you can try the "experimental" boot-floppies (I thought I had uploaded
>> them long ago?). Link is on my potato page, but this should work:
>> auric.debian.org/~cts/bf
> The installer says the same things "There are no Linux swap partitions"
> and "There are no Linux native partitions", even though
> fdisk and /proc/partitions list all partitions properly.

By any chance, could this be the problem where the swap partition must be
*named* swap? That's true for PowerPC partitions.

Also, pdisk (which underlies mac-fdisk) has been updated a great deal since
the version which is in the debian distribution. You could try the newer
version, from


We might want to consider updating if it works better.


Chris Tillman

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