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Re: Systems with no floppy

I suspect that booting off a Zip disk is more like booting off a floppy than
booting off a CD, which means that this probably is a debian-boot issue;
forwarding it there.

  Anne Bezemer

On Thu, 24 May 2001, Joe Krahn wrote:

> Your CD-image page promotes installing via
> a floppy instead of burning CDs. (OF course,
> buying CD's is the best way...)
> I'm working with a PPC G4 that comes with no floppy
> drive, just ZIP. Anyone working on make ZIP
> boot images for Debian installs? I see that
> press-and-hold "z" means boot from ZIP on Macs.
> I went ahead with a CD install, but ZIP boot/rescue
> disks could work relly well.
> Thanks, good work, etc...
> Joe Krahn

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