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Re: cvs commit to base-config/debian by joeyh

joeyh@debian.org wrote:
>    * Anyway, /usr/sbin/base-config should be run by the boot-floppies
>      installed inittab, rather than reconfiguring base-config. Reconfiguring
>      base-config no longer does anything interesting!!

I will fix the boot-floppies soon to call the new program (not the
version Adam has tagged for a test build of course). This will hopefully
hit testing in the regular 10 days time, and the boot-floppies will need
to deal with this change then.

>    * Removed all the password and useradd stuff. That has moved to the
>      passwd package (currently a bit broken in there, since it never asks
>      for root's password, but I'm sure it will be fixed, or that package will
>      get some rc bugs :-).

I'll try to get this patched tomorrow.

see shy jo

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