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cvs commit to base-config by joeyh

Repository: base-config
who:        joeyh
time:       Tue May 29 20:40:37 PDT 2001

Log Message:

   * Rewrote and reorganized everything. There is now a
     /usr/lib/base-config/ directory full of programs. The programs are ran,
     using run-parts, by /usr/sbin/base-config. This let me cleanly break up
     the morass of different things this package must do, worked around
     some debconf issues, and best of all it allows other packages to just
     drop scripts in there to add to the base configuration process. In
     fact, quite a lot of the scripts in there belong in other packages, and
     I intend to file wishlist bugs to that effect one day.
   * Anyway, /usr/sbin/base-config should be run by the boot-floppies
     installed inittab, rather than reconfiguring base-config. Reconfiguring
     base-config no longer does anything interesting!!
   * Removed all the password and useradd stuff. That has moved to the
     passwd package (currently a bit broken in there, since it never asks
     for root's password, but I'm sure it will be fixed, or that package will
     get some rc bugs :-).
   * Reworked package selection. First you get the chance to run tasksel,
     then the opportunity to use dselect to fine-tune the packages tasksel
     selects. Since task packages are dead, this actually works. Deity might
     be added as an option later, but I have not figured out how to
     interface to it.
   * All the translations are out of date again, sorry.
   * Removed a number of unused templates from the master template file,
     and fron the debconf db on upgrade.
   * Removed the checklock program, so this package is arch all.
   * Added man pages for everything.
   * Fixed trap so ctrl-c and so on don't kill base-config. Closes: #62830


changed:    termwrap

removed:    checklock.c stage1 stage2 stage3 stage4 stage5 stage6

added:      base-config base-config.8 termwrap.8

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