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Re: APUS Debian Boot-Floppies Images and bugs


> You mean our test ramdisk.image.gz ? I asked eons ago if we should convert it 
> to ext2, if it's still Minix we should do that now. We could use it as a 
> rescue or other fancy stuff with a current glibc etc.

yep, dropping minix will cleave a small lump off the kernel.
> I already considered all this and am now at 848 K. How much space exactly do 
> we have?

well, if we need the following

s:startup-sequence  - a few bytes...
libs:ppc.library   (for powerup - not needed for A1200, but for a3k/a4k
                    a1200 has this in ROM)
*or* we go with WarpUP....which ever has the smallest libraries
envarc:  a few bytes of required env: variables for WarpUP (if used)
the boot tool   (eg one i'm working on.....) tens of K
                         could be compressed (eg with stonecracker) if
bootstrap + the bootstrap_pup or bootstrap_wup  - 100's of k's

How much fits onto one 880K formatted disk, i cant recall, its been so
long....is it 856k?

I can see the kernel needing to be ~500k ....nasty....could 2.2.10 get
this small?


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