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Re: Common Linux installer

Neat, this definately would be a good thing.  The current debian-installer
project might be able to become what you are talking about.  We definately have
the IU abstracted from the guts and the different functional parts are well
broken up into independant modules.  I've been thinking about ways of removing
debian'isms and even proposing a name change to something that could attract
developers from other dists.  We'll see.

Fri, May 11, 2001 at 11:09:03AM -0400 wrote:
> Hey there, I had this thought about a common linux installer going around my 
> head and was wondering what other people thought of it.
> http://www.csh.rit.edu/~benjamin/log/e_clig.shtml
Maybe Common Linux Installer isn't such a good name, since the CLI ackronym is
already taken by command line interface. 


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