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Re: tasks: counterproposal (and implimentation)


Using debconf for tasks would also make all the current and
future interfaces available for task selection.

Joey Hess schrieb:
> joey@silk:~/tmp/newtasksel>./tasksel -t tasklist
> Selecting software to install
> -----------------------------
> A Debian system can be used for many tasks, a few of which we present here.
> Each item on the list represents a set of software that is useful for a
> particular purpose. You may select as many, or as few of them as you wish. 
>   d. Desktop:                       s. Server:
>   a. - Gnome desktop environment    j. - dns server
>   b. - KDE desktop environment      k. - file server
>   c. - X window system              l. - mail server
>   m. Misc:                          n. - news server
>   e. - Debian Jr. (for kids)        o. - print server
>   f. - dialup system                p. - relational database server
>   g. - games                        q. - shell server
>   h. - laptop                       r. - web server
>   i. - programming and development

Hey, that's even hierarchical!

ciao, 2ri
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         encryption standard and they came up with ...
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