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Bug#96946: Network config fails when accepting PCMCIA question

Package: installation
Version: 2.2.23 dated 2001-04-14

After having configured PCMCIA support earlier in the installation
process I am asked whether the network interface is indeed a PCMCIA
adapter as the first question of the network config.  If I answer "Ok"
(or "Yes", I don't remember which) to this question it seems to me
that the installation program tries to run cardmgr, which in turn
tries to load modules, but everything fails since they're already
loaded and cardmgr is running.  The result is that I get an error
message saying there was an error loading the PCMCIA system.

if I answer "Cancel" (or "No", again I don't really remember) the
network will successfully configure with IP-address, gateway, routing,
et all.  the installation continued successfully from there.

I got my disk images from in ftp.no.debian.org in the directory
as the install program starts up it reports itself being "Debian
GNU/Linux 2.2", and the floppies are "version 2.2.23 built on
2001-04-14 by Alan Di Carlo".

in case you're wondering here's the specs on the laptop:

Toshiba Satellite T2115CS with a 486DX4/75 CPU, 8MB RAM (yes, I'm
serious, it's only got eight megabyte).  It's got a 335MB harddrive
that was partitioned pre-install (trying to get RH5.2 onto it) into a
64MB swap and the rest as one Linux paritition.  NIC is a 3com

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