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Re: a cvs floppy test to install a woody cd by a BF newbie (report)

> Debconf should fall back to dialog when it determines slang is not going
> to work.

Yes, it does I realised later when instead of trying to fullfill his needs I
just let it continue :-)

> Anyway, it is basically a bug in debconf that it half-defaults[1] to the
> slang frontend. The slang frontend is not reay to be the default yet. I
> will fix this.

That will be good, as even though it works with dialog, the error messages
it shows are not too pretty to see :-)

> Is debootstrap not installing base-config for some reason?

Well, basically because base-config is not on the packages list to install,
I'll send a full report to the list in a couple of hours with more stuff and
all the packages I think debootstrap should be installing and that are not
marked for install

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