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Re: a cvs floppy test to install a woody cd by a BF newbie (report)

Package: debconf

Santiago Garcia Mantinan wrote:
> If we bypass this problems, then we find out that libterm-stool-perl and a
> lot of its depencencies are missing, so dpkg-reconfigure doesn't work (it
> is trying to start debconf using slang), so either we install all the stuff
> that is needed for slang (apt-get install libterm-stool-perl) or we
> configure debconf for dialog editing /var/cache/debconf/config.dat

Debconf should fall back to dialog when it determines slang is not going
to work.

Anyway, it is basically a bug in debconf that it half-defaults[1] to the
slang frontend. The slang frontend is not reay to be the default yet. I
will fix this.

> Well, anyway, we arrive at a point were debconf says base-config is not
> fully installed, so it refuses to reconfigure it. If we dpkg on base-config
> we find out that it doesn't exist on the dpkg database.

Is debootstrap not installing base-config for some reason?

> Well, I installed it usind apt, and I got an error when apt was trying to
> preconfigure it, it said that /var/cache/debconf/config.dat was locked by
> another process.

This is fixed in unstable's debconf, and should propigate to woody soon

> Anyway, we continue and we get that loadkeys is not installed, so I install
> console-tools to get loadkeys

debootstrap doesn't install that either, I take it?

> Well, that is all for now, seems like we have a long way to go.

Doesn't sound too bad, really. Getting this stuff straight for potato
was not any easier.

> I suppose (hope) that there is some other people willing to help, like I do,
> but maybe they have also found themselves in a similar situation, not
> knowing wich way to go.

This report was extremely helpful to me anyway.

see shy jo

[1] I know what I mean, and it's too complicated to explain here.

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