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Re: Busybox vi

On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 08:31:59AM -0600, Erik Andersen wrote:
> The only real downside to uClibc is its limited platform support.
> Right now I support x86, arm, m68k, sh, and powerpc.  The shared
> library loader is very new, and currently only works on x86 (I'm
> working on an ARM port ATM).

Unfortunately I have no skills on, say, alpha, but hope that people having
this kind of knowledge will help the uClibc team. This is definitively worth
the effort. Yes : great job !

Thierry LARONDE, Centre de Ressources Informatiques, Archamps - France
PingOO, serveur de com sur distribution GNU/Linux: http://www.pingoo.org

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