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Re: cvs commit to boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap by dwhedon

Tue, May 01, 2001 at 12:21:23PM +0200 wrote:
> > save off /target/etc/modutils before calling debootstrap, fix it after calling
> > debootstrap as it gets trampled by the modutils package.
> For what I see you are not talking about modutils overwriting
> /target/etc/modutils but /target/etc/modules, well, after a talk with
oops, right.

> Wichert yesterday he has submited a new version of modutils to solve this, I
> think the solution he has applied was the one that Santiago Vila suggested
> on this list. The new package should be installed on unstable today.
> So this piece of the patch won't be needed anymore.
very nice, I'll be happy to remove the hack.

> > touch /target/sbin/unconfigured.sh so that we are prompted to configure the
> > base system
> I was doing this on debootstrap for comodity, but thinking that it should be
> done here. Great. BTW, who decides this kind of things? I mean if this
> should be done here or there :-???

There isn't a simple answer to that.  In general if you have a good fix that is
clean and doesn't break other things you should apply it.  You can ask this list
too, but sometimes it doesn't even know. If I really don't know I just submit a
bug and sometimes the problem gets magically fixed by benevolent bug fixers.  

These two 'fixes' I have here aren't a good example of clean fixes.  The modules
thing is marked with a big FIXME, the unconfigured.sh thing is lame too.  I
don't have any excuse for that except that I'm trying to get boot-floppies
working and sometimes a hack is better than nothing, especially when it allows
testers to get farther along and find more bugs.


> Regards...
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