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Re: cvs commit to boot-floppies/utilities/dbootstrap by dwhedon

> save off /target/etc/modutils before calling debootstrap, fix it after calling
> debootstrap as it gets trampled by the modutils package.

For what I see you are not talking about modutils overwriting
/target/etc/modutils but /target/etc/modules, well, after a talk with
Wichert yesterday he has submited a new version of modutils to solve this, I
think the solution he has applied was the one that Santiago Vila suggested
on this list. The new package should be installed on unstable today.
So this piece of the patch won't be needed anymore.

> touch /target/sbin/unconfigured.sh so that we are prompted to configure the
> base system

I was doing this on debootstrap for comodity, but thinking that it should be
done here. Great. BTW, who decides this kind of things? I mean if this
should be done here or there :-???

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