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Re: Where is the base tarball?

On Fri, Apr 27, 2001 at 04:19:58PM +0200, Attila Nagy wrote:
> I tried to build a Debian woody boot floppy set with the latest code from
> CVS and I have a problem.
> The is no base*.bin and the base tarball is also missing at the end of the
> process. This is the case with the set on the debian mirrors too, so I
> wonder what the problem is.

The woody boot-floppies use debootstrap, which builds the base
system on the fly from individual packages.  These packages can be
available locally (via a hard drive, CDROM, etc.) or over the

> The Debian woody can be installed only from network? :)

No, see above.

> Please somebody enlighten me about this, because I want to produce a
> bootable *and* installable woody CD set, but without base tarball it is
> very hard to do...

The current CVS version of debian-cd should allow you to create CD
images which contain all of the files necessary.  Unfortunately,
the woody boot-floppies themselves are seriously broken, so you
probably won't be able to use your fresh CDs.


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