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RE: RAID and the installer

I tend to agree with this. I have worked on a number of servers using
RAID controllers including the DAC960, ServerRAID, and Megaraid. Each
time I have built custom boot floppies with the correct module in the
kernel instead of using modules. This is also sub optimal and a complete
pain to maintain. If any one needs a test bed for these changes let me
know and I can arrange to help out.


Sam Hamilton

I just helped a friend install Debian on a server, and it was a
painful experience. The problem is this: the machine uses hardware
RAID only. To access it you need to load the DAC960 module, but..
the installer can only install modules if it has a root filesystem
configured so it can reassemble and unpack drivers.tgz.

Needless to say this is suboptimal, we ended up having to unpack
drivers.tgz by hand until we got the module, put that on a
new disk, and insmod it by hand before we could proceed. 

Imnsho this should be fixed.. I can think of two solutions:
1. don't use modules for RAID drivers or other drivers one might need 
   to configure the root filesystem.
2. create a seperate block-drivers disk which the installer directly
   without needing to a root filesystem (Joey's idea).

The second approach definitely looks like the better choice to me.


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