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di rescue image at p.d.o/~bug1

I made up a dumb rescue floppy as an example of using a static busybox
based initrd to extract udebs to a tmpfs.

I say dumb becasue because the udebs to be unpackaged are in a config
script in the initrd rcS file, i am working on some busybox applets that
would make it smarter (genfstab and dpkg-scanpackages) that were heading
toward a anna floppy/hd retriever, i got a bit bogged down with it so i
took a step back and made this in the interim. 

What i would like to do is have an anna floppy/hd retriever built into
the initrd image and create a di-core-task.udeb package to tell anna
what core udebs are required to be installed initially.

the initrd.gz is on a romfs and is only 43kB, it only unpackags 2
packages, rootskel and a static uClibc based busybox-udeb that are
sitting on the / on the vfat formated image.

There is still about 650 kB free space (so i gziped it), i realised
after i made it that i have my own custom kernel, so if it doesnt work
youl have to change it or wait for me to do it tommorow, its nearly 4am
here :)

Its a bit rough, but anyway, if you try it let me know what you think.




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