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Re: boot-floppies progress

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> I apologize for my recent lack of involvement in boot-floppies
> maintenance. I have been allowing myself the rather guilty pleasure of
> working through the new policy of Debian SGML/XML stuff.  Which is a
> whole lot more fun for me than boot-floppies hacking.
> Anyhow, I'm right now going to tag/release 2.2.21 for Potato 2.2r3.  I
> need to back out David's changes bumping i386 kernel to 2.2.19pre17
> because pcmcia modules are not yet available for the compact and
> idepci flavors.
> So I'm shipping bf 2.2.21 i386 using 2.2.18pre21.

Woah, that's Really Bad, 2.2.18pre21 has security holes and some nasty
bugs (e.g. MegaRAID incompatibility).  What's the problem with pcmcia


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