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Re: installing core udebs

David Whedon wrote:
> Sat, Feb 24, 2001 at 10:45:22PM +1100 wrote:
> > Im not exactly sure what the current plan is for getting the core udebs
> > on the boot disk, but how does this sound.
> What is wrong/limiting with the current way that d-i boot floppies are being
> created?
> -udeb dependancies are resolved by apt
> -udebs are unpacked into the host at time of boot disk creation, a user can
> choose which udebs to include at that time fairly easily
> -a root filesystem capable of bringing up the network is created, that is the
> initrd.
You mean from the /build dir, maybe i dont understand it very well, but
i think thats its working at a different level than what im proposing.
The build system could also be used to create a boot disk that i am

> Joey and Erik recently discussed a new boot sequence that hasn't been
> implemented which shares some of the good points of what you propose here:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot-0102/msg00404.html
> I see your point about the initrd being isolated from anything else on the
> system, admittedly the current system doesn't provide for that level of
> isolation. I don't, however, see that we need the isolation.  The boot sequence
> will basically be handled by rootskel, which shouldn't need to be messed with
> once we settle on something.
> My only concern is that creating the root filesystem in this way adds more
> complexity and I don't (yet) see the gain.
I must have missed that post, Major differences are 
1) I want to use a smaller noninteractive static binary initrd rather
than needing a shell for a shell script.
2) I want to leave the core udeb packages on the boot medium rather and
extract them as a step in the linuxrc rather than extract them into the
intird at build time, which i think makes it a lot more flexible.

Also, im pretty well sold on using shm for the root filesystem instead
of ramdisk, ramfs etc, but i havent heard anyone elses opinion on it.

> David
> P.S.  I just installed the hurd on one of my boxes, fun!

Cool, the Hurd is a bit rough around the edges, but i am impressed by
the amount a flexibility a microkernel gives.


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