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Re: Request for addition: USB mass storage support

On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 12:57:06AM +0000, Michèl Alexandre Salim wrote:
> Hello,
> *note* Please cc me - not on the mailing list
> My notebook uses a USB Floppy drive and a 3rd party
> (non-bootable) CD-ROM drive; I am not sure about the
> state of the boot floppies in CVS but the ones from
> Potato (well, Woody unofficial CDs but they seem
> nearly identical to Potato's) differ from boot disks
> from Red Hat etc. in having a mandatory root disk. Of
> course in my case it doesn't work out since by then
> the floppy is not available anymore.

I'm not sure if I understand well, but don't you have any hard drive ? If you
have one, you can install Debian from it.

> Been thinking about rolling out a custom boot disk
> based on kernel 2.4.1 but probably more trouble than
> it's worth, so for now I'll just try Progeny Beta3's
> installer. Will be great if this is resolved for Woody
> though - either by removing the requirements for the
> root disk or by making a custom rescue disk for
> systems with USB floppies.
> Regards,
> Michel Salim
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