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Re: call for volunteers -- woody boot-floppies

Tim Riker <Tim@Rikers.org> writes:

> What's the plan for woody?

Get it building.  Beyond that, see the 'todo' file.

> I've mostly done 2.88 boot images for CD
> installs and then similar split 1.44 images for floppy. It would be a
> Good Thing to continue to support the various install procedures that
> are now in place and I assume this is one of the goals.


> Are there any plans to add things like PXE boot installs etc?

Dunno what it is.

If people add it (somewhat cleanly), it shall be added.  :)

> Is there a plan in place (either for sid or woody) to switch over to
> grub as default loader? stage1 + full stage2 eats about 80k on a floppy
> image. I would recommend this if possible as it offers more rescue
> options. What about smp kernels with nosmp by default? Then detection
> can just change the boot options to enable SMP "out of the box" [hmm...
> I suppose "on first reboot" would be more accurate?]

I'd like to switch to grub.  Ideally, support both grub and lilo.
Either way...

> If you would like my help/input on this, please tell me what I can do as
> a NM applicant (or suggestion on getting through the queue faster ;-).
> I'm not now on the debian-boot list, so please copy me. (though I
> suppose Erik will fill me in if you don't ;-)

(a) subscribe to debian-boot

(b) use my key from the debian keyring to send me a username/password
and I can set you up with CVS access, whether you are a maintianer or

> The current install is very flexible. The intent to move more init stuff
> into the .debs themselves is a Good Thing. Keep up the good work! I look
> forward to helping out.

Great, I hope you can.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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