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d-i: almost success

Maybe David has quietly managed this earlier, but it's a first for me:

* made a d-i boot floppy
* booted up my old 486 with it
* told it I had a ne2000 ethernet card[1], and manually specified the io
  base 0x300 and irq 10 since it's not a pnp card[2]
* manually configured the network
* went over to vc 2 and failed to ping debian.org
* echoed "nameserver" to resolv.conf since for some
  reason netcfg-manual had only put a "search" line in there. David?
* went over to vc 2 and failed to ping debian.org
* successfully pinged out by IP
* told it to use the ip address of http.us.debian.org, and manually
  configured it for that mirror
* watched anna segfault instead of downloading anything :-(

So we're missing dns lookup stuff. Some of the necessary peices are:

- /etc/nsswitch.conf (should be unnecessary according to the libc info
- /lib/libnss_dns*
- which needs /lib/libresolv*

I threw those onto the floppy, but I still can't get the dns to work. Help!

The floppy image is 

I'm going to take a closer look at the anna segfault. It's easy to
reproduce, and it's probably due to it not being robust enough in its
dependancy calculations, or something silly like that.

We're getting close..

see shy jo

[1] Had to fix kernel-image-di first, that will be in Incoming in a few
[2] I wonder if ethdetect would have managed this better. Perhaps we can
    reenable it sometime?

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