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reiserfs woody commits

i have been working on integrating reiserfs support into the

it was suggested to me to make reiserfs a module, suitable for use with
initrd, instead of yes another flavour.

i am personally opposed to making yet another flavour, because that adds
more complications to the end user (further confusion as to which boot
disks to grab)

i like even less the idea of initrd
	1) that would require all of our kernels to have the reiserfs
	patch (this will be a non-issue for 2.4.1 and above)

	2) i don't like initrd.

i am testing my patches against the CVS tree snapshot as of Feb  9
14:07, PST. after i am certain things are good, i will make the
patchfiles available.

i am quite uncertain how to go about placing the patches into the main
CVS tree, but i will worry about that one a bit later.


some areas to be worked on:
	when making a reiserfs partition, there is no badblock scan, and
	the user must answer yes to the mkreiserfs program (no --force

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