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Re: what is the whole purpose of kernel-image-di?

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> 2.4.1 kernel.org does not build on PPC.  Sigh.

2.4.0 is ok, right? I guess I'll hold off of 2.4.1 for now..

> Other architectures will want a radically simplified detection scheme. 
> PPC (mostly) has no legacy ISA or such; everything should show up in
> the kernel's PCI probes.  That should make things much nicer.

Hardware detection is a place where despite Ben's protests, modularity
really does work. For i386 network cards, we have ethdetect which
autoprobes the card and loads the driver. For sparc we can have an
essentially dummy package that makes sure one of the drivers built into
the kernel found something. For ppc we can do something else. Other modules 
that need to actually make use of the network connection then depend on a 
virtual package that is provided by all of the above.

see shy jo

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