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what is the whole purpose of kernel-image-di?

I'm sitting here looking at an obvious build failure for
kernel-image-di on the sparc buildd, and I'm wondering what the heck
this package is for anyway. I mean, is this thing supposed to be
portable? If it is, it sucks at doing so, and if it's not, then is it
the intention that non-i386 is left out of this loop?

Are the debinst folks not even considering non-i386 ports during
this development process? Am I going to have to go through all of the
installer and hack it to bits to make it work on sparc, just as I had to
do with boot-floppies, or is debian-installer being developed so that
all I have to do is create a boot-block installer, and a set of
kernel-image*.udeb packages to get it working on sparc? I'm very
concerned that portability is becoming an afterthought.

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