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debian-installer status report

Where we are:

	We have a small chrooted system that is being autobuilt daily.
	A single bootable floppy image has been created, and sorta works.

General things to keep an eye on:

	- All udeb packages should be able to build debug versions if
	- Packages that link in cdebconf should build-depend on
	  cdebconf-dev now that it is in Debian.
	- Make sure all udebs declare dependancies on everything they
	  depend on (this includes depending on ash, busybox, etc). The
	  dependancy web is pretty spotty right now.
	- Keep this progress file up-to-date as you complete various parts 
	  of it.

Still Todo:

        - target media detector
                Just has to figure out what media to install to.
                Probably trivial; most support already in the kernel.
        - disk formatter
                Formats disks, turns on swap, etc.
	- polish everything so it is actually usable
	- i18n
	- translations
		(Waiting until there is i18n and final text to translate..)
        - user documentation
		(Waiting until we have something to document..)
	- cd installs, etc, etc, etc

Under development:
        - disk partitioner [David Whedon]
		tools/partkit in CVS.  Currently doesn't do much
		but is a good start.
        - cdebconf (miniature debconf in C) [Randolph Chung, Anthony Towns]
                In progress, has one working database backend and one
		working text-based frontend, with progress on a slang
		frontend. Quite usable by now.
        - ethdetect [David Whedon]
		Seems to work, still needs some itegration into the chroot.
	- insmod/modprobe [David Whedon]
		Udebs not yet available, patch sent to bts.
        - netcfg [David Whedon]
		Development in progress, and partly works now.
		some required patches (dhcp) still in bts.
	- anna (retreiver control program) [Joey Hess, Glenn McGrath]
		About 10% done realistically, but it does work.
        - choose-mirror [Joey Hess]
		80% done
        - base system installer [Anthony Towns]
		Aj has a script that bootstraps a chrooted base system
		starting with just busybox. It needs integration into the
		system, and udebs are not available yet.
        - {lilo,grub} installer [Gergely Risko]
		Debconfized lilo is in debian.
        - kernel-image-di [Joey Hess]
		Builds both a regular kernel-image package and udebs for
		the modules. Still needs work. Kenrel config file needs 
		work expecially, as do the selections of exactly which
		modules go in which udebs.
        - library reduction [Marcus Brinkmann]
		mklibs.sh works, but it is not packaged.
        - install media build system [Joey Hess, David Whedon]
		We can build chrootable, library-reduced trees. It 
		boots too.
	- post-reboot configuration [Joey Hess?]
		Many packages that are currently set up by the
		boot-floppies need to start handling their own setup, after
		reboot, via debconf. These include timezone and clock config, 
		many of the things in base-config now, what else?

Needs testing:
	- netkit-tiny [David Whedon]
		Packaged, not really tested.
	- other hardware detection [David Whedon]
		David has written detectors for sound, ethernet, cd, cpu,
		disk, and memory detection. All need testing.
	- system as a whole

More or less done, for now anyway:

	- design [Joey Hess, debian-boot]
                80% done. Enough to know what the big peices are 
                and how they fit together.
        - udpkg (tiny dpkg clone) [Randolph Chung, Joey Hess]
		Usable. One todo item (localized descriptions)
        - main-menu (main menu generator) [Joey Hess]
                90% done (one non-trivial todo item)
        - busybox integration [Erik Andersen]
		First pass busybox udeb available.
 	- http retriever [Joey Hess]
		Works, needs testing and proxy support.
	- archive setup

see shy jo

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