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Bug#82912: No Need to Choose Debian archive path

Rob Browne <rob21@start.com.au> writes:

> Just tryed 2.2r2 booting from CDROM. Much inproved
> great work.
> When installing drivers or the base system, currently
> it users 3 user input screens. The first you select
> CDROM. The second is "Choose Debian archive path"
> I pressed Enter here which gave me the third screen.
> On this was an option "default". Pressed that and
> the install proceeded.
> Once you select CDROM in the first screen there is no
> need for the other two screens. Because the files are
> in known paths on the CDROM. Or the install program
> could use locate to find the files on the CDROM.

Fixed in boot-floppies 2.2.21, for 2.2r3.  Now if it can find the
Debian directory structure, it will not prompt at all (after you say
you wanna install from CD-ROM that is).  That's 4 fewer prompts.  Woo.
Works for local hard disk with proper debian structure as well.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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