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kdetect and selectdevices

I added two directories to cvs.

kdetect is a library that gathers storage device info from /proc, its
based loosely on what i sent to the list a while back but its cleaned up
heaps, i called it kdetect (k for kernel) becasue it doesnt do any
detection itself, just works out what the kernel has detected.

selectdevice is a binary that depends in libkdetect and cdebconf, it
just gets a list of devices that your system has, once a device is
selected an operation can be selected to perform, e.g. display
partitions, add partition etc.

There will likely be a few small udebs like selectdevice
(selectpartition, createpartition, createfilesystem, mountpartition etc
etc) to basically be the interface between main-menu and the binaries
that actually do the work.

So on i386 we should be able to determine what functionality the user
want through main-menu with these sorts of questions and call libparted
(or mkfs.ext2, or other mkfs.otherfilesystem, or other partitionign
tools where libparted wont work) noniniteractively.

Being able to call these tools noninteractively means we should be able
have heaps of fun with autopartitioning which will make partitioning for
mass installs easy and customisable. For auto partitioning we could have
deferent "profiles" as udebs that dictate the rules (or guidlines) to
how the partitioning is done. End users could build there own profiles
to suit there needs or use probuilt ones that we make. But thats a way
of, we have to get manual operation working first. 

Anyway, i wanted to get something out there to show the direction that
im going and get any needed feedback.

Also david i just saw parted-tiny and i think thats the way you were
going with that, but i wanted to put mine out there as well to show you.

I havent tested it very well, and there are some minor things to fix....


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