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Re: Debian bootdisk with Chinese enabled.

ha shao <hashao@chinese.com> writes:

> more terminfo to be add into bterm. things in bogl-term.c, bterm.ti
> I think.

Ok, I'll apply your patch and rebuild it.

> cfdisk support an option '-a' which will use arrow instead of 
> reverse video to 'highlight' the partitions. But it still use
> reverse video on menu selection. That means '-a' is half-working.

Has a bug been filed for this just in case?  If not, could you?

> > Has anyone looked into why modconf dies on tty1 and not tty2 on i18n
> > versions?
> > 
> I guess it is the same thing. bterm is not good enough. modconf 
> use whiptail and whiptail use newt, slang (from apt-cache showpkg anyway). 
> Any libncurses applications won't work on bterm either.

I don't understand why not... ?  Can this be fixed?

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