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Re: Debian bootdisk with Chinese enabled.

On Mon, Jan 15, 2001 at 01:53:08PM +0900, wen@japan.email.ne.jp wrote:
> adam> > > I am trying the compact one. When the installation goes to the
> adam> > > step of disk partition(cfdisk) I found there is not a highlight
> adam> > > on any partition, so we don't know which partition is being treated.
> adam> > > I don't think this problem is related to Chinese translation but I 
> adam> > > wonder if you have the same problem.
> adam> Yes, this is one of the critical problems which is preventing us from
> adam> using LANG_CHOOSER by default.  It's very confusing.  I suppose it's
> adam> related to the fact that the LANG_CHOOSER stuff uses it's own fonts,
> adam> and perhaps the highlit version of the character aren't available?  I
> adam> really have no idea.
> Thanks for your reply. As I remember in the page of disk partition(cfdisk)
> only English letters exist. My question is: does the problem still
> exist even for English letters from a Chinese font set? 

bterm and bogl-term do not support reverse video mode. Actually, 
bterm has very limited terminfo supports (understandable). Reverse
video mode has to be added to bogl-term for slang's slcurses.

There is no highlight version of font here. 
Best regard

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