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Re: cdebconf-udeb uploaded; notes about using with joey's build system

Randolph Chung wrote:
> I uploaded cdebconf, cdebconf-dev and cdebconf-udeb to ftp-master today.

Oh, good! That means that all the packages that use debconfclient.h can
build-depend on the -dev package and will begin to autobuild correctly.
I'm uploading new versions of the udebs I'm responsible for to do that.

We really need to make cdebconf and debconf get along better though. All
those diversions really mess up systems that want to continue to use debconf.

> Installed udebs: anna main-menu udpkg busybox-udeb ash-udeb choose-mirror wget-retriever cdebconf-udeb
> Total system size: 1.5M
> Gzips to: 580k

With slang1-pic that reduces to:

System stats
Installed udebs: anna main-menu cdebconf-udeb udpkg busybox-udeb ash-udeb choose-mirror wget-retriever
Total system size: 1.1M
Gzips to: 470k

Checking in a fix for mklibs.sh now.

see shy jo

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