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cdebconf-udeb uploaded; notes about using with joey's build system

I uploaded cdebconf, cdebconf-dev and cdebconf-udeb to ftp-master today.
They have been moved from experimental to unstable, so things should be
much happier. Because of the move, it's considered a "new" package, so
it may take a couple of days before it moves into the archive.

the cdebconf udeb includes the text and slang frontends at the moment,
unfortunately, the slang frontend doesn't work out-of-the-box inside the 
chroot (it's the default atm tho). The reason seems to be that slang
requires the terminfo database to work properly, and this is not
currently part of the chroot. So, for now, you can either edit
/etc/debconf.conf and change the frontend default to text, or set the
DEBCONF_FRONTEND environment variable to text instead of slang

System stats
Installed udebs: anna main-menu udpkg busybox-udeb ash-udeb choose-mirror wget-retriever cdebconf-udeb
Total system size: 1.5M
Gzips to: 580k

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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