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d-i, bf and udeb

i am trying to get up to speed on the variety of the installing methods
(in order to intelligently modify it :)

and i know bootfloppies, that is what is used for potato. i understand
bootfloppies, and i have no problems with that one.

Q1: is the one available from cvs 
    going to be used for 2.2r3?

Q2: what will woody be using?

Q3: how does debian-installer fit in? is this what the release after
    woody shall be using?

Q4: what is a udeb, and how does it differ from a regular deb? what
    steps are different between making a deb and a udeb?

i am hoping that the answer is RTFM, and a pointer as to where that FM
might be.

my main point of interest is adding reiserfs support, with an eye toward
logical volume management[1] support


[1] http://www.sistina.com/lvm/

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