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Installing Debian 2.2 rev 2 on RAID Controller in a Dell System

I am trying to install Debian 2.2 rev2 onto a Dell server.  It is a
Poweredge 4400.  My problem is the RAID array is not working.  I currently
have two drives connected in a RAID 1 (Mirror) configuration.  I have two
raid cards at my disposal either one will do.  Dell supports the onboard
card for redhat linux so I know the hardware will work under linux.

First Solution:  Onboard Raid Controller -
     SCSI: Adaptec Perc3/DI.  
      When I am plugged into this and the drives are configured on the card.
The debian install process does not pick up any hard drives.  I assume it
needs drivers for the RAID card.  
      I can download a RedHat install Disk Image (for expert mode installs)
to load the driver.  
      1.  Can I make this disk work under debian?  Obviously the data isn't
the way debian expects it on a disk.
      2.  Is there a debian driver that I have been unable to find?

Second Solution: Add on Raid Controller.
     www.ami.com - It is registered on the website as an Elite 1500 (467 2
     Again I have a Redhat driver on AMI's website that I can create a disk
image out of.
    This card the kernel does see.  It calls it megaraid which according to
a partner in crime it is.
    The problem is the kernel freezes on boot.  The last message I see is:
    Scsi2: Found a megaraid controller at 0xfc804008 IRQ: 14

Thanks for any help!!!

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