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Re: breaking up base-config

Tommi Virtanen wrote:
> > The annoying thing about the password prompting is that if you do it
> > cleanly and prompt for the passwords in the config script, then set them
> > in the postinst, there is a window where debconf writes them to disk. So
> > base-config does it all in the config script, and makes sure they are
> > never written out. Which is ugly. I don't know how you want to handle
> > that. Another option would be to prompt for the passwords in the
> > postinst.
> 	db_set the answer to empty, db_subst the crypted password
> 	in to a new field in the template? That's as safe as 
> 	/etc/shadow.

It's as safe as /etc/shadow until debconf gets some networked database
method anyway. Pretty good idea. Use set to set the crypted value not
subst though.

see shy jo

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