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Re: boot-floppies on Toshiba Tecra 8100

Eric@eric.ath.cx, Van@eric.ath.cx, Buggenhaut@eric.ath.cx writes:

> Hii everyone, happy new year !
> I've just installed Debian on my new Toshiba Tecra 8100 laptop and it wasn't easy hehe but I finally got it running.
> My main concern is : the laptop doesn't want to boot from the debian
> cd's (cd1 or cd2 from 2.2r0).
> 2 points :
> 1) I can boot other laptops with these cd's thus they aren't broken.
> 2) I can boot the Tecra with other cd-roms.
> I've tried it with both home burnt and commercial cd's.
> Adam, is this a know problem ? Searching the mailing lis archive
> doesn't return anything related.

No, it's not a known problem.  

It's either a BIOS config issue, a hardware issue, or a syslinux
issue.  I suggest you pursue those avenues.  There's not much we can
do here on boot-floppies except try to be sure that syslinux issues,
when found, are filed properly as bugs against syslinux.

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