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Re: call for uploads

For what it's worth, ddetect (ethdetect), and netcfg (netcfg-dhcp, and
netcfg-static) were uploaded by my sponsor on Tuesday (Jan 9). They
should be gradually working their way through the system and available soon,
though last time I checked thei database had heard of them, but they weren't yet

That packages they depend on are on their way more of less:

libdetect-udeb : in incoming.

dhcpcd-udeb :  I've talked some with the dhcpcd maintainer, and he thinks the
package may have too many bugs.  He is going to apply the patch anyway as far
as I know, but indicated he is short on time at the moment. I still think it is
the best tool for debian-installer dhcp.


Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 11:59:41PM -0800 wrote:
> If you have something that makes a udeb, and it is more or less working
> and it is not yet in the main debian archive, please upload it.
> In particular, cdebconf, ddetect, netcfg, and maybe pcidetect seem to be
> fairly far along, and are not in the archive. If anyone needs a sponsor,
> I would be glad to help.
> If it's not in the archive, it's annoying to make the build system use 
> it; in particular it's impossible to make sure I have a current udeb. I
> have plans to make the build system generate a new snapshot image every
> day.
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> see shy jo
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