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Bug#82018: udma66 boot floppies should use current 2.2.1?-ide kernel

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2r0 and possible later

Thesse bug reports seems to have a common theme:

  #79459: UDMA66/HPT370 boot problem
  #79005: Booting with Promise ultra100
  #73638: Cannot detect hard disk (hda)
  #70798: Install doesn't find UDMA 66 harddisk

in that udma{66,100} controllers do not work with udma66 boot floppies.

Workaround as in http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot-0012/msg00539.html:
    To install debian potato on an abit kt7-raid motherboard:
    (well, this is what I roughly did)

   1  Connect your disk to the first ide controller,
      not to the HTP370 controller
   2  I used the debian/dists/potato/main/disks-i386/ disk set
   3  boot and install as usual
   4  download and unpack kernel/v2.2/linux-2.2.18.tar.gz
   5  download and apply patch kernel/people/hedrick/
   6  make menuconfig -> Block devices:
	 [*]    Generic PCI IDE chipset support
	 [*]      HPT366 chipset support
      Don't know about theese two but they seem to work for me
	 [*]        HPT366 Fast Interrupt support (WIP)
	 [*]        HPT366 mode three unsupported (WIP)
      (Note! this driver has no raid support, you just get the udma100
       support and two more controllers, only connect discs to hpt
      and whatever else you want in the kernel
   7  make dep; make bzImage; make modules; make modules_install
   8  cp arch/.../bzImage System.map to /boot
   9  add new image to lilo.conf with root=/dev/hdexx instead of hda
  10  run lilo
  11  change hda to hde in /etc/fstab
  12  shutdown -h now
  13  poweroff
  14  move disk cable to first HPT370 connector
  15  boot


Current *-ide kernels seems to work according to

  I just tested the 2.2.17-ide and 2.2.18-ide kernels and they both detect
  a HPT370 chip



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