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d-i build system

Allright folks, now that I have library reduction working, and we have
.udebs in the main archive, it is time to have a real build system for
the installer.

I have checked in the beginings of one to debian-installer/build/
"make TYPE=net" will download .udebs and generate a chroot-capable,
library-reduced system in tmp/ that uses the wget retreiver.

Please feel free to modify the build system to add your udebs, make
improvements, and so on. There should be less need for demo systems from
now on..

Oh, note that you have to grab mklibs.sh out of the debian-boot cvs and
put it in your PATH for this to work. I have asked Marcus to make a
proper Debian package of it; until one is available we'll have to live
with this annoyance. You also need libc6-pic.

We really need a cdebconf .udeb on the archive in the same place as all
the other udebs. Right now, the system that is built can be chrooted
into, but I cannot run main-menu or anything, since I am not installing

see shy jo

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