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Re: Thoughts on the installer (early)

It's hard to tell right now what is going to make sense as far as a GUI front
end, as we've seen by this discussion. 

What I saw of gtk-fb looked really neat, pretty, etc. In fact, the first thing
that came to my mind was, "Wouldn't that look neat for debian-installer".  I
haven't looked at the bogl front end, so I can't compare how they 'look'.  I
think it would be neat to have a really attractive UI, with the debian logo in 
the background, a progress bar listing the steps that the fully automated
install was going through, and a window with interesting text (Debian for 
newbies, a history of Debian, the Social Contract, DFSG, etc. the user can 
choose what they are interested in) to read during boring parts (download over
ppp).  There are a number of ways to arrive at that, and in my eyes it isn't
priority at this point.

Since a gtk front end is already on the cdebconf TODO, the interested parties 
could write that, as Randolph suggested.  I assume that after that is written,
if a gtk-fb UI is desired it would be trivial to enable it, correct?  Then we'd
be arguing over what the default graphical UI should be, that would be more


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