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Re: Thoughts on the installer (early)

Hi all,

well, I've installed hundreds of debian to friends and university colleagues,
done seminaries about Linux installation (on debian), and every time i put
emphasis on the installation features i didn't find in any installation system:

- let user make their choice.
- let user understand what is going on.

These two made me love Debian installation system.

So, if it is going to be restructured, I'd like to find these features on the new
one too.

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 12:39:44PM -0500, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> I don't think so, at this time.  The motivation for the BOGL stuff I'm
> writing is size; the complete bogl library strips down to 90K right now
> on x86, and will probably not go above 120K after I'm done adding
> widgets.
> GTK is nice, but it's not going on a floppy.  This will.

Sure, you are right, but let user make their choice: this mean that gtk-fb
will depend (and go) on a CD or network installation.
With user, I mean either the one who install the system or the one who make
the CDs/floppy disks.
In the last 2 days i was reading debian-installer documentation; may be I
misunderstand something, but there will be a system that will use [m]any kind of
GUI front-end and back-end for data storage: so, may will be a front-end with
I mean: you (I hope to join and help you ASAP) should try to make the
smallest, feturefull engine you can, and provide as many front-end and
back-end as possible and let other to choose what to build together for the
installation system as default.

> I admit I'd rather have a less hokey widget set, but the other
> advantage of BOGL is a compact utf8 and i18n library; does GTK have
> something similar?

I think this is not the point and taking the discussion on "this is better and
this is not" whill not help.
I hope I did not annoyed anyone.
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