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Re: Intent to do a NMU of kernel-image-2.2.28 and kernel-image-2.2.28-ide

On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 03:05:28PM -0500, Brian Mays wrote:
> I cannot get the PCMCIA modules to successfully compile against the
> current kernel-image-2.2.28 and kernel-image-2.2.28-ide packages, and
> the kernel maintainer has not responded to my bug report or email
> complaining about this problem.  Therefore, unless someone is willing to
> fix this soon, I plan to build my own versions of these packages (and do
> an NMU), against which I can build the PCMCIA modules.

I suspect the problem is that you need to have gcc272 installed to build the
symbol information.
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