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Winmodem test disk

   This is a request for some startup assistance.  You can read the
horror stories a few of us are trying to deal with at:
Linmodem-HOWTO http://walbran.org/sean/linux/linmodem-howto-all.html
or the archives:

Basically most of the new laptops/desktops are coming with cheapie
WinModems whose chipsets are hard to identify, and then probably do not
have Linux support.  It would be very useful to have a Debian style
Rescue Disk just to run tests on such modem hardware. Thus Linux folk
might be able to determine whether their IntendedNewBoxPC/Laptop has a
chance of supporting Dialup under Linux.

The following capabilites would be desirable:
   a) Minimal software to support mimicom, ppp and if space permits
wvdail functionality.
   b) A menu supporting successive trials of candidate modem drivers
which could be on a floppy disk, WinSwish or Linux partition
   c) fdisk -l (list) capability, but all other fdisk action Blocked so
that Newbies couldn't be destructive. 
   d) Menu callup  of a succession of informative text files.

This is  not Deep work for someone experienced,and I could eventually
work it out myself.  But the Help would get out to the NewBies much
faster with some help from you Install Disk experts.  Once a first
ModemTester Disk is made, I'll be able to do updates myself.

Incidentally this laptop is currently serving for testing experimental
drivers for the Lucent Winmodem being improved by Mark Spieth (Redhat
installation) in Australia:

koala:/home/marv# uname -r
koala:/home/marv# lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
ppp_generic            12928   1  (autoclean)
ltmodem               364960   1 
isa-pnp                27888   0  [ltmodem]

Your help would be appreciated.

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