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Bug#81118: base: Wishlist: High security base system (or separate add-on package)

On Thu, Jan 04, 2001 at 10:14:30PM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> "Standard" (and important) are basically defined as a "free, character
> mode Unix system". Probably, this implies having telnet and telnetd
> available, and being able to use NFS and so on.

what about rsh, rlogin, rcp and such?  those are pretty standard in
many/most Unix systems. yet rsh-client and rsh-server are priority:
extra.  ssh is a pretty clean replacement for these utilities but ssh
is not priority standard either.  

> Additionally, we have a more or less implicit policy that all daemons
> should be run by default if they're installed. So if you don't want a
> daemon running you either don't install it (or uninstall it), or change
> the config files.

i agree with this policy, but given this policy i think there should
be as little daemons installed by default as possible.  

> If you want to change "standard" to not be a "free character mode
> Unix system" (and thus not have telnetd or rsh or NFS or portmap),
> there probably needs to be some easy way to say "hey, I'm a curmudgeon,
> I want my unix system!". Maybe via a task- package of some sort? Or some
> other way? I dunno if it makes sense as a `task' per se. [0]

well as i said in another message nobody can agree what what a `free
character mode Unix system' is anyway so it doesn't really matter.  in
general i am happy with the set of software installed by priority
standard but would prefer not to have as much listening on the network
immediatly by installing it.   

Ethan Benson

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