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Bug#79004: SPARC/Potato] 'Wrong disk' message even though correct disk in drive

On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 03:05:28AM -0800, rick wrote:
> Note that this is only a workaround.  The real fix is to have the
> "dbootstrap" program
> accept a platform-specific qualifier (e.g, the "-sun4cdm") in the floppy
> series name.
> This qualifier would have to come from a command-line argument specified
> in a
> platform-specific "/etc/inittab".  Or, if the goal is to maintain a
> single root floppy for
> all platforms, from the platform-specific kernel (e.g, via the "/proc"

Well, it used to, so something broke since the last time I built the

Thanks for the workaround.

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