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Re: Improving installer?

#include <hallo.h>
Juhana Sadeharju wrote on Thu Dec 28, 2000 um 09:33:43PM:

> I feel getting the boot menu working as displayed above would help a lot
> the users (expert or not).

That are all good points, we should care more about it! What about the
Stormix distribution? I installed their latest storm2k-hail edition
(which is based on Potato) and it was very easy, even for new users. It
has a good fdisk frontend (text or Gtk GUI), comfortable lilo setup and
a small detection tool for soundcards, included in their SAS.
Additionaly, the Stormix Package Manager seems to be a good replacement
for dselect on X11.

But another question to developers: what about the source? We could use
reuse some of their code if they allow us to do so (I hope this). Has
anyoune already some "negotiations" with the Stormix guys?

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