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Re: Improving installer?

Juhana Sadeharju <kouhia@nic.funet.fi> writes:

>   After answering "Simple" to the next question, I got punch of
>   errors like this:
>     Err http://non-us.debian.org stable/non-US/main Packages
>     Could not resolve 'non-us.debian.org'
>     Failed to fetch http://http.us.debian.org/...

Well, that's a local network problem you're having... it can't resolve
names.  This part of the installation system works fine.

> Sorry, didn't record the questions... they sure can be found from
> the installer. I installed the Debian twice with the same result.

I don't need the exact wording of the questions, just a reproducible
set of steps so that I can experience the problem.  Otherwise I have
to conclude its a local hardware or net problem.

> >I don't feel asking another question for such a minor detail is
> >worthwhile.  It's easy to change this later with 'tune2fs'.
> [ ... ]
> >So?   Just do it after the system is installed.
> Use of tune2fs is too complicated and reserving 5% of disk space as
> default is way too much. Solution: changing the default reserved space
> to reasonable 50 Mbytes and letting _Linux experts_ to use tune2fs later
> would be more better (afterall experts knows the existence of tune2fs
> program more likely than non-experts).
> I feel the change from 5% to some reasonable value must be done in anyway
> at the time when Linux is as easy to install as MS Windows. It is the
> most novice users who looses here because they don't even might understand
> what takes the disk space.

It's debatable but an understandable, and perhaps correct, request.  I
have more pressing problems to deal with but I would appreciate this
if you made it a wishlist bug report against boot-floppies and someone
can get to it.

> Would please add something like the above line to the installer? It would
> explane what CD is asked for. And hey, I didn't need the explanation.
> I picked up the correct CD immediately. I just feel we should make everything
> more obvious, more clearer.

I wish I coudl but due to the structure of the code, it's not easy to
do.  So I can't do it right now.  Again, file a wishlist bug please.

> >No doubt, but understand that boot-floppies itself is obsolete, and we
> >are no longer adding such major new features to  it.
> I don't undestand how one could install Linux without boot-CDs/floppies.
> By using MS Windows... eek!  ;-)  Would you please explane the new system?
> I'm happy to test it too.

Read the boot-floppies list.  Joey Hess is in charge of the system. He
sends bi-weekly status reports and notices how to test the system.

> Thank you for your time. My life is now easier because I now know for
> which packages the bug reports should be made.

Good.  I hope I don't seem obstructionist -- I'm just very very very

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