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Re: debconf client support in cdebconf

Mon, Dec 11, 2000 at 12:05:34AM -0700 wrote:
> In reference to a message from David Whedon, dated Dec 10:
> > This is an unrelated patch to debconfclient.c.  I don't know if people
> > will like it, or if it just makes code harder to read.  The idea is that we
> > don't want to take up a lot of space with "INPUT", "GET" in a bunch of places
> > all around the tree. 
> Hm... I'd rather do this with a string lookup table and macro integer
> constants. I'll put something like this in tomorrow. something along the
> lines of:
> static char *dc_command_strings[] = {
> 	"INPUT", "GET", ...
> };
> #define DC_INPUT	0
> #define DC_GET		1
> ...
> sounds ok to you?

That sounds better. Though I'm no longer sure this will save us much
(anything?).  I did some more tests and it may be that we end up needing more
instructions to load the far away addresses.  I don't know x86 asm well at all,
it's difficult to be sure of what's going on.


> randolph
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