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weekly debian-installer progress report

It's been a pretty productive week. I hope to have a more impressive
demo system by next weekend, that operates in a chroot using busybox
and can pull udebs off of a mirror.

Done this week:
- retriever controller (aka "anna", for anna's not nearly apt) is 
  started, and works in a limited way, good enough for demo purposes.
- file retriever, which is the simplest possible retriever (it just
  symlinks a file, rather like apt's file method).
- cdebconf now has a working frontend, and is usable.
- basic demo system, in which you can use the main menu to tell anna to
  retrieve and unpack some more udebs, then see them appear on the main
  menu. http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot-0011/msg00629.html
- first stab at a busybox udeb.
- choose-mirror, a configuration tool for http/ftp/other retreivers has
  been started, but needs a lot of work.

Still Todo:
	- design [Joey Hess, debian-boot]
                80% done. Enough to know what the big peices are 
                and how they fit together.
        - udeb archive setup [James Troup, Anthony Towns, Jason Gunthorpe]
                95% support in new package pools code. James is now waiting
		for after 2.1r2, it seems.
        - cdebconf (miniature debconf in C) [Randolph Chung, Anthony Towns]
                In progress, has one working database backend and one 
		working text-based frontend.
        - udpkg (tiny dpkg clone) [Randolph Chung, Joey Hess]
		Usable. One todo item (localized descriptions)
        - main-menu (main menu generator) [Joey Hess]
                90% done (one non-trivial todo item)
        - busybox integration [Erik Andersen]
		First pass busybox udeb is ready.
        - network card detector [Glenn McGrath, David Whedon]
		Pcidetect is written, detects PCI cards only. Needs
		testing. David has another detector that uses libdetect
	- other hardware detection [David Whedon]
		David has written detectors for sound, ethernet, cd, cpu,
		disk, and memory detection. All need testing.
        - network setup [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Set up the network, via dhcp or via prompting;
                implementor decides.
        - retreiver control program [Joey Hess, Glenn McGrath]
		About 10% done realistically, but it does work.
	- file retreiver [Joey Hess]
		100% done, such as it is. Probably not useful in real life
		expcet in CD installs, but handy for the demo system.
        - choose-mirror [Joey Hess]
		Nearly 50% done, but entirely untested and broken.
	- http retreiver [UNCLAMED]
                Not started. Download udebs, other files from network.
        - target media detector [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Just has to figure out what media to install to.
                Probably trivial; most support already in the kernel.
        - disk partitioner [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Some kind of a UI to let the user partition their
                disks and decide what the partitions are used for.
        - disk formatter [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Formats disks, turns on swap, etc.
        - base system installer [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Installs the base system, probably from base.tgz
                for now, and does any necessary setup.
        - {lilo,grub} installer [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Sets up {lilo,grub}.
        - kernel module udebs [Vaidhy]
                Not started. We will need various sets of kernel modules;
                one such set is NIC drivers. Each set goes in a udeb; there
                probably has to be a system to build the whole kernel and
        - library reduction [Marcus Brinkmann]
                Not started. There is code in the boot-floppies that should
                be usable, but this is still one of the hardest parts.
        - install media build system [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Puts all the peices together and makes
                install media.
        - user documentation
		Not started. (Waiting until we have something to document..)

see shy jo

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