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Re: modem detection

David Whedon wrote:
> I did some more looking into mdmdetect (one of the ddetect binaries that it
> supposed to detect a modem, didn't detect Joey's, nor mine).  It turns out that
> libdetect does get a response from my modem, but then sends a bad command: 
> at 
> ok
> ati9 
> error

FWIW, my modem gives:


> libdetect gives up after that and decides there isn't a modem.  I think we would
> rather have the user know that an unknown modem was detected, and where it is,
> even if we don't know what it is, true?  We'd could then install a ppp udeb and
> hope for the best?

I think if it answers "OK" to "AT", it is a modem or something that
wants you to think it is one..

> I don't know a whole lot about AT commands, I guess they aren't very standard.

There is a de-facto, loosly followed standard, the Hayes command set.

It's odd that libdetect would chose to use the i9 command, which is
described as "very model specific".

see shy jo

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